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Welcome To The Anarchist Information Network
The Anarchist Information Network (A.I.N.) was first formed in 1997 to enable Anarchists from differing traditions (Individualist, Class Struggle, Green, Pacifist, Syndicalist) to work together and exchange information and ideas.
We publish a regular newsletter, publish pamphlets and try to present the rich variety of the Anarchist tradition to the public in a positive manner.
Anarchism is not terrorism or violence and anarchists do not support, aid or sympathise with terrorists or so-called national liberation movements.

Anarchism does not mean irresponsibility, parasitism, criminality, nihilism or immoralism, but entails the highest level of ethics and personal responsibility.

Anarchism does not mean hostility towards organisation. Anarchists only desire that all organisation be voluntary and declare that a peaceful social orderwill exist only when this is so.

Anarchists are resolute anti-statists and do not support either "limited states" or "welfare states".

Anarchists are opposed to all coercion. Poverty, bigotry, sexism and environmental degradation cannot be successfully overcome through the State. Anarchists are therefore opposed to taxation, censorship, so-called affirmative action and government regulation.

Anarchists do not need scapegoats. Poverty and environmental destruction are not ultimately caused by transnationals, the IMF, the USA, the "developed world", imperialism, technology or any other devil figure, but are rooted in the power to coerce. Only the abolition of coercion will overcome these problems.

Anarchism does not posit any particular economic system, but only desires that the economy be non-coercive and composed of voluntary organisation.

Anarchists are not utopians or sectarians, but are sympathetic to any effort to decrease statism and coercion and the replacement of authoritarian relations with volutary ones.
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